Friday, May 30, 2008

Apple Blossom - yummy!

Oooooh! - looky what I'm working on: a twice-combed (!), lovely hand-dyed Merino bump from Sunset Fibers I don't have a photo 'up' yet of my work-in-progress, but here is a link to her own photo: (and mine looked just like it!)

Apple Blossom roving is from her "Roving of the Month" Club and is the May offering. It's just gloriously soft, having been combed into 'top' and then re-combed after dyeing! Good Heavens, I've never heard of such a thing, so of course I had to try it out. You know.

Aaaand...I'm spinning this ::gasp!:: worsted! Well, semi-worsted, anyway. I'm using the same technique as with my Cormo: short forward-draw, but allowing the twist to 'snap' into the drafting zone (thus trapping air into the fibers) rather than being more properly smoothed down with the fingers. I'm planning on making this a Navajo-plied sock yarn, so am spinning it fairly thinly (in some spots a bit too thin). I just felt that the particulaly long color-runs would lend themselves to a great looking Navajo-plied yarn - I hope I'm right! We'll see.

A note: my dd took photos, but when we downloaded them...they didn't show up in the folder! Sheesh. Stupid software :-( NOW what do I do??

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