Thursday, October 29, 2009

Raindrop Shawl - DONE!

Ta-DA! My first.ever.REAL.lace.shawl! With beads, even! I am so impressed with myself. Bless Shelly, owner of Twist Yarn Shop, for blocking it - I am NOT very good at blocking stuff.

This is the Raindrop Shawl, stitch pattern invented and shawl pattern written by Renee Strouts. And it's free!

Thanks to Becca, I got enough confidence to put beads at least on the edge, once she reminded me that I could use a crochet hook instead of stringing the damn things onto the yarn (which I refuse to do). Well, it was too late to put them on the body of the shawl (wah!), so I settled for just the bottom, but the next out! Beads up the wahzoo for me!


Delighted Hands said...

Just a work of art-great job on this shawl!

Dori Ann said...

Oh so very pretty! Did you spin the yarn? What type of yarn is it? I just love it, I'm going to find the patter.
Just beautiful!