Saturday, August 23, 2008

Another ::sob::

Okay...this is just killing me. I have lost - repeat, LOST! - a most important spinning wheel bobbin. The 4th bobbin to complete a 4-ply yarn gift! This bobbin was a-l-m-o-s-t full. ::waaah!:: One more decent spinning session would have seen it done so that I could finally begin the plying. I am SO wanting to cry. Where, O WHERE could my bobbin be? I keep wondering if I didn't somehow lose it as I was transporting my wheel to/from Twist. If I lost it there, it probably rolled into the gutter. Maybe. And there're very few people who would figure out what the heck that strange thing was :-(. Oh, I am just beside myself! I can't believe I lost a dadgum bobbin! Full of yarn, no less - yarn that I NEED!

THIS has been a difficult week, I tell ya! What with that stupid dawg destroying all that fiber, my bobbin disappearing, no damn sleep, and some other things going on, I am ready to scream! THIS is not what I signed on for!!!

I wonder if that dumb animal TOOK that bobbin and hid it?!? Come to think of it, he did try to trot off with one of my empty bobbins about 3 weeks ago, carrying it like a bone. I had a heckuva time getting it away from him - he was evidently convinced it was a Good-To-Eat Thing. He is, like, soooo dead....

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