Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I need a swift kick in my...

um. You know.

o-kay there. I found my "missing" bobbin full of alpaca/shetland. You know. The one that was the 4th single of what was to become a 4-ply gift of yarn? Thought I ought to mention something about it. In case anyone has been feeling sorry for me. Not that I wasn't doing a great job of that already.

Yessirree! There it was, hiding under some freshly-spun BFL that was very, very similar in color to the alpaca blend. Apparently, the 2 colors were so similar (at the first careless glance, that is) that I didn't realize I was hiding one with the other!

I am soooo stoooopid.

*sigh* I will now FINISH the freakin' thing before I manage to lose it again.

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