Saturday, April 25, 2009

Better Late Than Never. I guess.

Wow. I can't believe I've let so much time slip by since I last posted; March 5th! Sheesh. I have a pretty good excuse for nearly 3 weeks of that, though. I was so dog-sick with the 'flu I couldn't have sat up in a chair long enough to play. No knitting, no spinning - and definitely no blogging - got done. However, since my almost-recovery (still coughing my head off), I've gotten quite a bit accomplished (for me).

I don't have much time to post a lot about each item (and aren't you GLAD!), so I'll just show you, instead. We received lovely news a few weeks ago that my oldest nephew and his sweet wife are expecting their 1st child after 4 years of trying. Woo-hoo! Everyone is over the moon about it. Rosie-lass has just begun her 2nd trimester. That kid's going to have more knitted and crocheted items than his/her mum knows what to do with. :-)

Anyway, the first pics 2 are of my first-ever Baby Surprise Jacket (BSJ) (EZ's pattern in Opinionated Knitter). I've wanted to knit one for a long time - now I have a perfectly good reason! I used Cascade's Venezia and Berroco's Inca Gold yarns for that one. I didn't realize they weren't machine-washable, so I sure hope Rosie doesn't mind. I can't believe I made a hand-washable item for a new mum! Way ta go, ya dork! I won't do it again - I promise! The 3rd and 4th photos are of my 2nd BSJ, using Berroco Comfort.

Because some of the Comfort skeins were spun 's'/plied 'z', it was really splitty for a 'throwing' knitter like me. I worked with it using a 'picking' style (German/so-called Continental) and it was a bit less crazy-making. Unfortunately, due to my slowness in 'picking' I'd have gone even crazier had I tried to knit that way through the whole thing :-) I've also nearly finished a third BSJ done in Comfort DK (properly spun for knitters!) in order to make a new-born size. I'm using traditional baby colors for this one, but he/she sure won't wear it long. It's tiny! It's pretty darn cute and I'll post it when I'm done. If I can just remember to take the photos...

And here's my latest project; a Forest Canopy Shawl by Susan Lawrence. I got the pattern on Ravelry, but I don't know if it's available elsewhere. I'm using Crystal Palace's Mini Mochi in the Autumn colorway.


Delighted Hands said...

Wow, so that is what you have been doing-love the sweaters and the shawl is to die for! Glad you are feeling better, too!

Fairy Spun Fibers said...

LOL - yes, that's what I've been doing - knitting my fingers off! I'm in the middle of whipping up some cute face and washcloths for baby, but I still don't have pics up! Only *I* would forget to take pics of my stuff before getting rid of it. ::grumble::