Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A shocking and *OUTRAGEOUS* story

Wow. I think I've heard it all with this one. Do ya'll remember the photo I took of the bobbin half-full of "art-spun" kid mohair? The lovely multi-colored mohair from an angora goat named "Sierra"? It's on Nov 7th's blog-entry: "Yes, I really *have* been spinning".

I am so upset by what that poor goat's owner has written me. What but a sicko creep would do such a thing?? I received permission from her to post what happened to them and do what I could to 'advertise' their existence. They don't have a website, but I imagine they're much to busy to mess with one anyway.

Steve and Melissa are just now beginning to recover from this senseless and horrifying act of hatred, but...well, read on:
Dear Connie,

Thank you for taking the time to look me up..yes we still sell mohair on ebay and on etsy. My user id for both is farmgirlchic. I'm glad you have some of Sierra's fleece and are able to use it. We lost Sierra in a terrible fire we had here at the farm back in March. We lost her and 15 other does and their newborn kids. They believe it was arson. There wasn't anything we could do, and we lost our 60x40 1890's bank barn and everything we had in it. Our horses, sheep and several bucks were spared.

We have been slowly rebuilding and now have a new larger barn and we are back up to 23 colored and white angora goats as well as more sheep. They become addictive...! I have started to sell the fleeces whole and raw as the time it takes to skirt and wash is very time consuming. I would love to be able to have more animals and explore other fibery projects. Right now I have two 2nd cut meaning they were sheared in June for the 1st time and then they were just sheared again last weekend white kid fleeces. They each weigh approx. 2lbs. We will have several 1st cut fleeces avialble next May, will know for sure how many after the kids start coming in January. Now, they are from pure white kids but the fleece is raw (unwashed) so therefore it will appear cream even beige in some parts because it hasn't been washed. Washing if you are unfamiliar with it is very simple and I provide printed directions with each fleece.
Steve and Melissa Verill
Feathers and Fleece Farm
1215 Bridgeton Rd.
Airville, PA 17302
I know I've been advised to "keep to myself" any good mohair sources and I understand why (and normally would, probably!); super-kid being almost impossible to come by, and rather expensive when you DO find it.

But not now...not in this instance. That insane act of injustice outrages me to the point that I'm still spitting in anger and horror. Those poor little goats! Poor Steve and Melissa! They're probably just barely making it as it is (like so many today) - and then to have some foul monster kill their animals and burn down their beautiful, historic barn, has left me in disbelief. Surely, no one could be so monstrous! But there are jackals like that, far more "animalistic" than the poor, innocent animals could ever be. Fortunately, there are still good people in this world, and they came forward in a beautiful way to help Steve and Melissa. She went on to write in her last email that:

"In fact many of our goat breeder friends gave us many of the goats we now have as replacement for the ones we lost." (May God bless those kind folks!) And...

"It's interesting that you asked about reserving some of May's clip as we are contemplating starting a fiber CSA where you would actually become a member of the farm and be able to share in the fiber bounty, such as having first choice of what is sheared. Will let you know more details. We estimate having at least 6 white kids born out of approx. 30 in January and February. I'll make sure you have a choice. [snip]

As I told you before we now have 23 goats with approx. 30 due to be born in the spring and then we also have 6 sheep (4 Border Leicester cross and two Babydoll). It has been interesting almost having to start over with our herd as well as all of the equipment that we use...tractors, buckets, feeders, tools fencing gates etc. as well as the barn. All have had to be replaced and unfortunately insurance didn't cover the half of it. We certainly don't mind you using our/my name as we appreciate the "advertising"! With the CSA we would also be encouraging people to participate in our farm with a website, blog. farm visits and help in naming the newborns...maybe something like being able to pick such and such's clip."

I only included some of her last email so this entry wouldn't be too long, but I think I've included all the pertinent details. I would love to be part of a CSA - what fun! It's too bad they live too far away for me to visit them (rats!), but'd be fun to help name the darling babies and be able to get one of their adorable fleeces!

Here's their eBay store: Farmgirl Chic
and their Etsy store: Farmgirl Chic

ANYWAY - that's the story. An' Ah'm gonna get me a loverly baby fleece one day! Ha - I'll probably just end up stroking it rather than spinning it, knowing me :-)


Dori Ann said...

Ya just couldn't do it could you? Now what is my hubby going to say when we have "NEW" fleece to move? Atleast he is in NC and won't see the package arrive :)

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog :)

Fairy Spun Fibers said...

LOL - do as I do: keep such an untidy heap of bagged fleeces and rovings that he'll never notice one more. Works every time!

And, you're welcome - always.

sewbeezy said...

Okay, I just couldn't resist. Just purchased some lovely mohair from them. I'm looking forward to recieving it.....and playing with it. I'm thinking it will look pretty blended with some of my Shetland. What an enabler you are!! Thanks!! :.)

Fairy Spun Fibers said...

Oh, I'm GLAD to enable you, Tina! Just returning the favor, you know :-)

I'm thinking the mohair will look FABULOUS carded with your Shetland! Are you thinking of dyeing the two fibers, or leaving them au naturel? Either way would be gorgeous. Her mohairs have such a great mix of natural colors, all in one fleece, it's just amazing.