Thursday, February 5, 2009

Where to get the Bee!

Okay, I should know better than to write emails or post to my blog so late at night. I forgot to let ya'll know just where to get the Bee! There is a dear lady named Dori Ann who sells SpinOlution's Mach 1 and The Bee wheels (coming in March!), and their new, totally cool spindles (love those too). You can find her on her Feelin' Fibers Etsy shop. I have purchased from her several times and the shipping is very, very prompt! Plus, she has fab fibers, including Salish!

Dori Ann normally has lots of fibers for sale, but she's still unpacking from a very recent and exhausting move, so check back with her in a week or so - she's still coming up for air!

Here's a picture of SpinOlutions hand-spindles. I think they ought to be advertised more - they're cool - AND you can adjust their weight!


velmalikevelvet said...

if only i could figure out who to operate a spindle! i've heard great things about the mach 1, so i'm sure the new wheel will be just as good.

and thx for the compliments on my 'nicked shaving'! glad ya liked it.

Delighted Hands said...

The spindles are so cool-I had never seen one!

Lanora said...

I could sooo get into that!

Dori Ann said...

You are so sweet!We have missed you on the list.I can see you have been busy spinning :) I think your thick yarns looks very very nice!