Wednesday, February 4, 2009


My Ashford Country Spinner came in!!! Woo-HOO!! Yarn Barf, here I come!

Actually,she came in yesterday and ds put her together for me (bless the dear boy!). I spun quite a bit last night, but it was stop and go a lot b'c I didn't have a batt to spin from. I blended the colors on my hand cards rather than using my drum carder, so it was sloooow going.

I finally got a big batt made up late tonight of the dyed locks Shels sent home with me, so it should go quite a bit faster (I hope). No, I haven't got pics yet, so you can go here to see what one looks like. Mine is stained darker than I like, but who cares?!? I was so happy to get it for a bit over 1/2 price (wow!!) that it could've been painted pink with purple polka dots, for all I'd care. Of course...I'd have stripped that off PDQ, but...

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Delighted Hands said...

Congratulations to you! Have fun getting to know her!