Monday, October 13, 2008


Okay - I'm probably the last person on Earth to "discover" this Franklin Habit guy, but at least I did find him. He's a screech! Here's his blog, "The Panopticon". I'm, like, hooked...

Gotta see if Shel's carrying his "It Itches" book yet.

Where's the spinning or knitting content, you ask? Well, geewhiz!...we've been really busy this week! Okay, I'm nearly done with my Really Big Scarf (Morning Surf). I started with 392 +/- yards of my Hyacinth handspun, you know, but I made this thing a wee bit wide I suppose. SO...46 stitches may've been one design repeat (10 +6) too many. Should'a gone with 36 after all. But that's okay! It should still be long enough to tie around my throat and have decent tails left over. I hope. I'm not quite done and I am NOT going to take another pic of it 'til it's actually done.

As for the spinning, I've been messing around with some stuff I'd started ages ago and got bored with. After working with it last night for 10 minutes, I realized I was still bored with it :-( HOKAY. SO...I started on something else. A light pink bit of top - and THAT was deadly dull. I don't know what's wrong with me today. Maybe it's just not a Spinning Day for me. I don't know that that's ever happened before! Kinda scary...

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