Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I am now officially...STOOOPID

Just another grumble from someone who is sick-and-tired of Never Being Right! That Finn I'm spinning up? From Laughing Rat Studios? The stuff I said was really short and would have to be spun on my smallest whorl, with a tight twist?

Yeah. Well.

WHEN will I learn that...
  • one does NOT test the length of fibers by pulling them out of the END of the roving???
  • they are almost always shorter (often 1/2 the length they should be) than the real length?
This is not good. I've got this fairly long fiber (over 4"!) now so tightly freaking twisted that I'm going to have to untwist it by quickly spinning it "S" (as usual I'm spinning my singles "Z"). *sigh* I just can't do ANYTHING right!

I think I'll go eat worms again.

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