Wednesday, October 22, 2008 aching everything

This is what happens when you get 'old': everything hurts when you use it even slightly too much. I ache all over. Even my poor head is pounding this morning - an unusual thing for me: I rarely (used to be never) have headaches. Strenuous activity is something I rarely (read: simply never) indulge in - for several simple reasons: I'm 'getting too old for this', I'm inherently lazy and I'm totally uninterested in exerting myself unless it has to do with spinning or knitting. I'm freaking tired, for Pete's sake.

This Family Unit's teenage Son decided to remove the paneling from his bedroom yesterday. With mom's help, of course. Yes, we should've done it years ago - but I sinply HATE decorating or re-doing anything, so of course it never got done. Son got tired of it - decided he wanted a room not decorated in the 60's (literally) like the rest of our house (no, I'm not kidding - it's hideous). So his Lucky Mommy is privileged to help. ::sigh::

Do you know what was UNDER that ugly paneling?? Freakin' PINK 60's living room/dining room wallpaper! The former owners of this house were too freakin' lazy to strip it (even *I* would have done that before I sold!), so they just threw up a very bad paneling job (you wouldn't believe how amateurish it was) to cover it up.

Thousands of pulled nails later...I ache. Every muscle, every joint, every square inch of skin hurts. I could hardly get to sleep last night because my legs ached so badly and the muscles kept twitching uncontrollably. UGH!


Lara said...

Ibuprofen is the cure for muscle aches!

If the wallpaper is well-adhered, you can paint over it. Use a good primer first and make sure none of the seams are peeling.

I love doing house projects. I should hire myself out. Hee.

Fairy Spun Fibers said...

I know - Ibuprofen works, BUT...I so much prefer to at least try less toxic methods of pain relief before resorting to those OTC "meds". However - simply nothing was kicking my headache, so I actually broke down and took a Naproxen Sodium; rather toxic stuff...but it works!

You SERIOUSLY like 'house projects'??? YUCK! I can think of almost nothing more hideous. I mean, that's even worse than cooking, sewing or laundry! Woman - you're HIRED! Will you work for fiber? LOL

tnanapier said...

Connie, I can help you with some removing tips if you need them. That dang pepto pink was really popular. Call me,we can help