Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Agonies of indecision: Which shall it be?

Shall I make another Morning Surf Scarf (free pattern!),

...or another Garterlac Scarf like the one I just finished?

for this:

Just FYI, the "Garterlac Scarf" is actually named "Slotted Neck Scarf with Entrelac Knitting" and is Suzanne Pufpaff's (Pufpaff's Fiber Processing) own pattern.

The stuff I am spinning is so lovely, with its many subtle shadings of blues, browns, melding into whites - all of them quiet, gentle colors reminding me of a late Winter's day, with the sky so blue and the brown Earth still covered in snow, but melting at last. The Garterlac Scarf would work so well to express that! But, then again...

I am reminded of the Winter ocean with her cold, blue waters foaming almost-white against the sandy, shell-strewn beaches. The Morning Surf Scarf would be perfect for this imagery.

Which, oh, which shall I make?!? I wish you could see this yarn's sheen and luster. I suppose you could, if only I was able to take good pictures. My camera-skills are legendary. For their poor quality, that is. In the skein photo, it appears as if some of the browns have a green-ish cast, but I assure you - they don't! That's just my lack of photog skills shining through. Guess I'd better have dd try her hand at it.

I wish you could feel the warm, silken hand and surprising drape. I didn't know a rather tightly-plied yarn would still have such nice drape! I had to spin it rather tightly due to the general shortness of fibers, and - being so eager to see it "done" - I then Navajo-plied the first bobbin (the second just barely begun).

Because of the extremely uneven character of the dyed areas across the loose roving, I knew I couldn't get a satisfactorily shaded (to me) 3-ply. Once again, I had recourse to the good old standby of Navajo-plying. I'm so grateful someone invented it; what an excellent way to keep color-runs together to obtain a certain effect!

If only I'd had 8 ounces of this exquisite 50 silk/50 Merino, I would make both! Does anyone out there have a preference, or should I just toss for heads/tails? Take my poll and help me out, here, please!

Winter's End:

I think I forgot to mention that this fiber came from Leah of Yarn Or A Tale - wonderful stuff! - and she ain't got no more of that particular dye batch :-( Dang it.


Delighted Hands said...

Either scarf would show off the colors beautifully-toss a coin, start the scarf, change your mind and then knit the other one! :')
I know how to navajo ply but haven't done it with colors like that-thanks for the inspiration! I usually only 2ply cuz I want the most yardage for my fiber....

Dori Ann said...

Very pretty!! You have gotten very good at Navajo plying! I need so much practice with that one, have trouble getting enough twist, or very thin singles plied without breaking, OR to thick of yarn for what I want OR ....
As you can see, I need more practice :(
I vote for the Garterlac scarf.

Fairy Spun Fibers said...

Hi, Dori Ann! Thank you for the compliment! I love the fun of plying like that (feels more like playing than anything else), but like you - I learned I had to make my singles much thicker than usual or suffer very frustrating breakage. If it isn't too much trouble for you, could you make your vote "official" on my poll? I can't add or remove votes!

Fairy Spun Fibers said...

LOL - well I never thought of doing that, Delighted! :-) If I don't get a decent amount of votes, that's just what I'll do, then. I just hope I don't love (or hate!) both results. ::roll eyes:: That would be just my luck. I know what you mean about needing the yardage - Navajo-plying will really eat into that. I wish it weren't so, but...oh, well. Can't have everything! I keep lamenting the fact that I only had 4oz of the stuff, but that was all Leah of Yarn and A Tale had (boo-hoo!).