Saturday, December 13, 2008

Did I ever show you this wheel?

THIS is what I would love to have for a bulky/artyarn wheel! It's Pocket Wheels by Doug. Yes, I know - A Ladybug has my name on it...somewhere, somewhen, but it doesn't spin bulky - and that's what I'm needing. This Pocket Wheel is just too cool! I know - I'm beginning to obsess about a bulky spinner. I never thought I would want (let alone need) one. Oy. That's what I get for Spinning My Imagination: more flippin' wheels to buy. Hm. I wonder if Harvey could make something like this?!? Oooh - I'm going to ask him!

Also - on a VERY happy note, little "Charlie" (our new foster Brittany) actually came OUT of his crate and jumped up on me to lick my face! How about that, eh? Needless to say, I am so pleased! He might be even younger than we thought for him to try to make friends this soon. This is great!

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Dori Ann said...

Oh it's a cutie wheel!!! I'm so glad your little guy is starting to be alittle trusting! The vet thought our little rescue was about 4 when we got him. As he put on weight, he was 85 lbs when we got him he is now 155, he started showing his true colors :) We now figure he is about 2, he was just feeling so bad, he had been starved and had all kinds of yucky things, he couldn't be himself. Now he is the energy of the house! And the old guys love him :))