Sunday, December 21, 2008

You know your house is cold when...

you go to bed fully dressed (well, minus the boots), flannel pyjama pants on over the leggings, wool socks, thermal shirt, large wool shawl over the shoulders, heavy denim skirt, heavy wool scarf over the head and ears, 2 very heavy quilts and one heavy, double-knitted blanket. And you're still :::shivering:::.

In case you're wondering, dh looked about the same, but he has no knitted wool shawl, poor thing. Perhaps he will never again whine that his hand-knitted, Cherry Tree Hill, totally gorgeous, handknit socks are (hold your breath):

"too hot".

He's lucky not to have been moved out to the garage for that crack this Summer.

I really, really HATE Winter. Hate it. I hate and despise everything about it. I don't understand people who say crazy things like: "I LOVE snow and cold weather! I can hardly wait to freeze my tushie off!"

Me? I think they've cracked up. Totally. That's not freaking normal by any sane standards on Earth. Unless you're a penguin at the South Pole. Or something.

Bears are smart. THEY know when to stay in out of the cold.

I'll post about knitting and spinning as soon as my fingers thaw sufficiently. Right now I'm using a pencil held between my teeth...

just kidding, guys :-)


Delighted Hands said...

i moved to FL because some 25 yrs ago visited here and knew that some day i would escape the miseries of always shivering! Warm is good.....
(You are right to withhold future socks!)

Fairy Spun Fibers said...

Boy, I'd LOVE to move to some place warm - around the calendar!

Thank you for agreeing with me on the withholding socks thingie. Hand-knitted socks need much more respect than that!

Anonymous said...

It's ok, my wife doesn't like anything made of wool - she would rather wear a cheap pair of acrylic gloves and a ugly old acrylic hat from Target before anything I knit.

Autumn, Spring, Winter, Summer - in that order - those are my favorites... One great thing about winter is that you get to wear all of the wonderful handspun/knit goodness! Although I am really looking forward to spring and spinning outside!