Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas stash acquisitions

Not to make you drool or anything, but here is some of my BFL Stash from Miss Babs. Chucked into the pile is some bright RED Fleece Artist...well, fleece. Roving, that is. I picked it up at I-forget-which-shop on the Yarn Crawl. No time to list all the colors - I'm yawning my head off and why I am still up?!? But I feel like I've been really behind on the blog - am trying to semi catch up.

Annnnd, these lovelies are from Ruth MacGregor, of course, of Spinning Forth (please see sidebar until I can put in all the links).

Again, I'm much too tired to list the colors, but I will, soon!

*** UPDATE 01-07-09 *** Silk colors, clockwise from bottom of left photo:
Silk spinning kit w/spindle - Garnet - 50g, Aubergine - 50g, Canard - 50g, Red - 50g, Sunspot - 50g, Coquelicot - 50g (middle)

Ruth told me, when I was enquiring about how much silk I might need to make a medium-sized project, that 50 grams of silk went much further than 50 g of wool. She said if you spin the silk fairly thin, it should get you a scarf that stretches from neck to waist (!). I'm assuming that means using large enough needles to get lace, but I didn't think to ask her.

Read blog post below for the Discussion Of The Scarves! You will probably have noticed that the poll has disappeared. There's a good reason for that...


Delighted Hands said...

Oh, the colors are so rich......thanks for sharing them!

Rhonda said...

Cool stash! I'm envious!

Did you get to the guild meeting last week? I'm so behind on everything!

Fairy Spun Fibers said...

Hi, Rhonda - where've you been, woman!? No, I never got to the G.M. - totally spaced it off, in fact, and I'd intended to go :-(

Hey, don't be envious of my stash. If it's the silk you like (it's sooo easy to spin!) - Ruth has some awesome prices if you purchase over a certain number of items. As you can see, I didn't exactly buy her out.
As for the BFL - just check on Babs' site once in awhile. She often has sales and you can score nicely then :-). That BFL is also a dream to spin. It spins up VERY fast.