Wednesday, January 28, 2009

FINALLY - some time to post!

Oh, boy - have I ever been busy! It's now been almost 2 weeks since I've sat at my wheel; I'm having the shakes from spinning-withdrawal. However, it's been a pretty fruitful 2 weeks of knitting time, so that helps. That was a lousy photo of my mom's scarf - I think I uploaded the wrong one (well, of course I would do something like that), so here's a slightly better one:
While it shows much paler in the photo than in reality, at least the details show up.

- AND! - I finally finished dd's Wedge-Head Tam that I 'unvented' last week. I have never seen anything made quite like it on the 'net (or anywhere else for that matter), but that isn't saying much. Until recently, I never knitted anything but socks :-)

It took me forever to shortrow a wedge shape that would actually work with the human head. You should've seen my earlier attempts. ::shudder:: They wouldn't have fit anything recognizable on Earth.

I made this from some of my hand-dyed Merino top (by April of The Gourmet Sheep), which I'd Navajo-plied several weeks ago. I loved the way the colors just melted one into the other. Some colors are very bright and clear, others are more subtly shaded, providing a wonderful foil for the brights which just 'pop'. A simple idiot cord and tassel finished it off just right. Now...if only she'd let me block the durned thing to give it some shape! Darn kid wears it 24/7, practically.


Lara said...

Cute hat! You can't blame her for loving it, right?

It's been so long since I did any spinning that I bet my spinning wheel has actual dust on it. You'd think caring for the family (plus my niece on weekdays), knitting, stitching, exercising, and training for a marathon while fundraising for LLS wouldn't take so much time. ;)

Fairy Spun Fibers said...

Hey, thanks, Lara! Coming from you, that's high praise, indeed! You're a wonderful knitter.

Yeah - I think you just need to get off your tush more, you know? I'm sure if you weren't just messing around, you'd be able to find more time to spin :-)
Spin On! Connie