Saturday, January 31, 2009

...and so it goes

Well. Got to Twist. Had my wheel. Spun four minutes. Tops.


Oh, well.

Let's talk about something wonderful, shall we?

A "Fearless Knitter"!

That's what I'm calling her, but her real name is Melissa. Even though I had no time to spin, at least another new knitter has gone home armed with new knowledge and more faith in her ability to do whatever she wants to do with needles and yarn. And that's so great! The regular teachers weren't there and the shop was swamped, so the poor girl got stuck with moi.

I love teaching (smart people, anyway) and this young gal was sharp as a tack. She only had to be shown most things once. Boy. Wish I could say that about myself when I was learning. She wasn't at all afraid to tackle big things. Things like a loooong skirt knitted in the round - gracious me! She'd just learned to garter, didn't know how to read knitting terms yet (!), couldn't read a pattern; yet, there she sat, determined to knit this lovely skirt!

When I got over the shock of realizing she meant to knit it right away, I realized she had something I never had as a new knitter: sheer guts.

She "knew" she was a "slow-learner" (I'd love to know who convinced her of that load of hooey) but she still wasn't afraid of anything that could be knitted. If she's "slow", then I'm dumber than a freakin' post.

If she keeps going like this, she's going to be a phenomenal knitter. She's really cool, too; I liked her a lot. I really hope we see more of her at the shop.


Delighted Hands said...

Hooray for the courageous teacher, too!

Fairy Spun Fibers said...

Naw - took no courage a'tall, ma'am! She was a pleasure to teach, as I said. Everything was "can do" with her, right from the start. A lot of people do this groaning and moaning about how they "can't" or "it's too hard". They're so busy complaining, they don't get anything accomplished and need constant hand-holding (which I ain't gonna do). She was sooo easy to teach!

velmalikevelvet said...

Don't you just adore teaching smarties? That's the BEST!

Fairy Spun Fibers said...

Don't you just adore teaching smarties? That's the BEST!

Yes I duz, Velma! It's pure pleasure to teach smart students. I went home feeling like I'd done something good, ya know?