Thursday, September 11, 2008


I saw a moth. A tiny, brownish moth. Next to my fiber room :::shudder::: I tried to chase it down, but it evaded me. Dear Heaven! I don't know that what I'm seeing is a wool-eating moth, but...oh, man. My stomach is just doing flip-flops.

I am so sick with horror I can't even *think* straight. There is no room in my freezer to store the fiber. No room at all! Unlike the Harlot, we are NOT vegetarians and so it's, like, totally full of actual food. HALP! Somebody! Anybody!

On another depressing note, it appears that I've divided my "New York" BFL top incorrectly! Now, why did I have to start this new experiment with my favorite colorway??? Only *I* would be so intrepidly stupid. Couldn't I have just tried it on some other, less favored, roving?!? But, noooo! That would have been too freakin' smart!

Heaven only knows what this sock yarn is going to look like, but it probably won't be as nice as it would have been had I paid attention to what I was doing :-(. I am such an unhappy camper this morning! That's what I get for having had a good day yesterday.


Jennifer said...

Connie, I am enjoying reading your blog. I can hear you in my head as I read it! I know that you will get the best of that moth, and not the other way around, because that is just how you are! I hope you have a better day tomorrow!

Jennifer (Initsox2)

Fairy Spun Fibers said...

Hey, Jen - YOU BET I'll get the better of that stinking moth! But thanks for the vote of confidence :-). I haven't had as much time to check my fibers as I would like, BUT I've put what I managed to check into those Food-Saver vacuum sealer bags - handy! I knew that thing would come in handy one day - hah!