Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wheee!!! It's DONE!

It's done, it's done! You know that yarn I've been spinning (and blathering about) since time began?? The alpaca-merino-silk 'bumpity-bump' stuff (2 bobbins), the hazelnut superwash merino stuff (1 bobbin) (both fibers from Leah at Yarn Or a Tale), and the dark chocolate brown llama stuff (1 bobbin)? C'est FINIS! I am pretty pleased with the way it came out, too. It is 4-ply worsted-weight (more or less). I was going for heavy worsted, but I just can't seem to spin thicker singles no matter how hard I try! I was hoping that a 4-ply marl would be good enough - I just didn't think I had it in me to spin up a 5th bobbin to get a heavier weight! Anyhoo - I got exactly 800 yards (780yds from the original plying + 20 yds from the "leftovers") - an amount I could hardly believe. I filled up my monster plying bobbin 3 times before getting through it all!

Anyway - it has gone to its new home (to a dear, sweet lady whom I admire very much). I had hoped to get it done before the cold weather blew in; after all - one needs warm garments before Winter gets here, not after. As slowly as I go sometimes, I figured it would be Christmas before I finally finished. I'm quite slow when spinning worsted, and every. single. bit. was inch-wormed (oof!). I learned a lot (and how).

Below are some pics that the giftee took for me (as I'm too freaking stupid to remember to do it myself, bless her generous heart).

An update on the rain from over a week ago: okay - looks like the weatherboys were wrong (so what else is new?). We got about 9.5". But that was a LOT. I am SO happy we didn't get any more!

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