Thursday, September 4, 2008 many times am I allowed...

to change my mind? Having eaten my heart out over the 'loss' of that almost-full bobbin of alpaca, now that it's found again, I've decided that it isn't dark enough! three weeks of heart-burning for nothing! It's lovely - oh, very. It's a glorious, glowingly-warm, mostly cinnamon-brown color, mixed with just a hint of brownish Shetland (to make it hang together b'c the alpaca is sooo slippery). The Shetland really isn't a brown-brown, but more of a grayed-brown, which goes well with the 3 other bobbins.

BUT! It ain't dark 'nough :-(. I've got a gorgeous baker's chocolate llama roving that is nearly as soft as the alpaca, and I've spun up a bit of it 'just to see'. Wow. Not only is it MUCH easier to spin, what a difference that darker shade makes in contrast with the three other, much lighter, singles! I think I definitely have to go with the dark chocolate llama! Yummy!

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