Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just to put things into perspective

My frantic feelings for the 'loss' of my nearly-full bobbin has very quickly dwindled into utter vapidity in comparison to the very real loss of my friend.

I refer to Rabeka, whose baby girl died one day after she was born. The wee one's name was Josephine Kay. And so...'Beka and her husband, John, had to make the long, sad trip back home from a special hospital, empty-armed and aching, sorrowing for their pretty little girl. Dear God! What sorrow!

I hope it is a good, long while before I even think of complaining about 'loss' again.

May our good God grant them comfort and hearts' ease, in due time and in bountiful measure, once their storm of grief has calmed.

May Our Lady, Whose birthday it is today (Happy Birthday, Blessed Mother Mary!) also comfort Rabeka and John, wrapping them and their young boys in Her gentle care, ever pointing them to Her Son; "Do whatever He tells you." Mary Most Holy, pray for us, now and at the our of our death! Amen

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