Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bumpity-bump! or...What I'm Working On Now

Well, I wasn't sure how much I was going to like making 'bumpity' yarn (silk noil-style bumpy), but it turns out to be fun! I got this soft Fawn Alpaca/Merino/tussah silk (and noils) from Leah at Yarn Or A Tale. The stuff I'm using can be seen here on her Premium Fibers page. She has the ideal job in my opinion: she works for a well-known fiber processor! ARGH!

Anyway, I'm really getting into this bumpy stuff. I never know when to expect the next bumpy to come skipping through my fingers - it's totally unpredictable:
No, there isn't any more. I bought it all. So sorry. Not. I realize this might make me come across as a supremely selfish fiber hog, but I just don't care. I take my fiber acquisition duties very seriously, you know, and this was an urgent mission. Leah might have sold the rest of it without my knowing it. It doesn't matter that she has 50 tons more fiber in stock. I will attempt to acquire every bit of it. Eventually.

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