Monday, June 9, 2008

World's Ugliest Yarn Contest!

Another weekend "find" that I wish had remained hidden. Forever.

I have quite possibly created the World's Ugliest Yarn. Yes, it is, don't argue with me (if you're actually trying to). No, no; don't try to make me feel better about it: I absolutely HATE this Yarn Barf. I don't know what I was thinking when I bought the roving - and I certainly won't say from whom I purchased it. It's not HER fault that I wasn't a good spinner (or planner) at the time. It wasn't her fault, either, that I was just sure that the 3 colors actually went together in anything that would resemble 'good taste'. Maybe she thought they did! Sadly, any of the 2 colors together might have turned out okay. Maybe. But the "Mardi Gras" (that was the colorway's name) colors are ALL wrong for Mardi Gras. The gold is actually baby-poop yellow (ask me how I know this). The purple, while rather pretty, is mostly too greyed out. Nothing "royal" about it. The teal green. At all. It is a vivid, intense TEAL that hurts the eyes to behold it. Teal is not, the last I checked, a Mardi Gras color.

A real kicker to all this is that it feels Heavenly and has a great drape to it (thanks to the overly-loose plying I decided on). *sigh* I was only wanting to get it over with.

Let me show you the hideous stuff in all its, er..."glory":


Heide said...

I actually think this is really pretty and that the colors would look lovely in a lacy shawl.

Fairy Spun Fibers said...

Well, Heide, thank you for your kind words! If I'd known that soon enough, I'd have given it to you. Yes, I mean it. I'd have felt too guilty to charge anyone for it. Heck, I'd probably have paid someone to take it off my hands...

Seriously, though, there were only about 197 yards of the stuff, so...pretty useless for much of anything. The owner of our LYS liked it, too, so I made her take it off my hands. Poor thing.