Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why Do I love the yarn harlot?

Been thinking about that lately. It comes down to one, simple reason: she's Every Woman, as far as I'm concerned. Her insane daily schedule - her utter hatred of all things involving housework - her seemingly total lack of organization in trying to get everything done that needs to be done right now - her passion for knitting and spinning - her wonky hair ... she could be me. Or I, her. She's so much like me (only way cuter and funnier, not to mention WAY younger!), that it's downright scary. But you know what? I have to bet that she really isn't "like me", so much as she is like...Every Woman.

There. That was my philosophizing for the day.

My sis is coming over soon; the poor girl has lost power in her neighborhood. And, OF COURSE, the electric company has NO IDEA when it will be up. Of course not.
I just hope the contents of her 'frig will be okay. I've lost whole refrigerators and freezers of food twice. Oh, my aching pocketbook!

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